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Have you found a meteorite?

If you think this is the case, the following check list may be helpful before you think of sending it in for closer investigation:

1. Is it black or dark grey? - 99 % of fresh stone meteorites (chondrites) are black or dark grey.
2. Is it magnetic? - The great majority of both stone and iron meteorites are (but not achondrites).
3. Does it look like a lump of rust? - An iron meteorites does, and then it is very magnetic.
4. Has it a rounded form, but not like a pebble? This is very typical of stone meteorites.
5. Is it heavier than other stones of the same size? The great majority are somewhat heavier. Iron meteorites are much heavier.
6. The interior: Has it metal flakes and millimetre-size granules? Stone meteorites should have these.

If several of the points in this list agree, then the object should be investigated more closely.
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