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Jon Larsen

Jon Larsen has a mixed background that includes jazz, surrealism, and mineralogy. His discovery of the urban micrometeorites was rated among the 100 most important ones in 2017 (Discovery Magazine). Today he studies micrometeorites as a scientific researcher at the University of Oslo (UiO), in collaboration with foremost experts in the field, including those at NASA. He is a popular lecturer, and a dynamo within the online international micrometeorite community.

He posts daily updates to his Project Stardust  on Facebook, and together with mineralogist Jan Kihle, photographs of micrometeorites.

Here is the paper about the discovery of the urban micrometeorites:

Want to send Jon a message or ask a question you could send him an email at:


Morten Bilet

Mineral and fossil trader, meteorite collector, writer and lecturer. You may have heard him on norwegian radio or television when it comes to meteorites? He has written popular science articles on meteorites both at home and abroad. Morten has also published several books (Meteorites, Messengers of Heaven, 2008 and Norwegian Meteorites, 2014, Romstein/spacerocks 2020) He is a committed amateur geologist since the 1970s and runs Bilet Geoservice with production of geological collections for schools and teaching. Also runs the website and Also works as a consultant for Scientist Factory AS.

Any questions or messages is welcomed at Morten´s email:

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