Unique and fantastic chondrules on this LL3 meteorite.


Type LL3 is the most original element from the formation of the solar system!

Found in 2016 and Registered and mainmass by Morten Bilet.

Chondrite LL3, NWA11347

SKU: M011
  • NWA11347

    Ordinary chondrite – LL3 (3,2 – 3,3)

    2,24 gram

    25 x 16 x 3 mm


    Some important elements in this type of meteorite:


    Ordinary chondrite: A major class of chondrites, characterized by sub-solar Mg / Si and refractory / Si ratios, oxygen isotope compositions plotted above the terrestrial fractionation line, and a large volume percentage of chondrules, with only 10-15 vol% fine-grained matrix.


    LL group: The chemical group low-iron, low-metal (LL) of common chondrites, characterized by its low siderophilic element content, fairly large chondrules (~ 0.9 mm), and oxygen isotope compositions that are further above the terrestrial fractionation line than those of other common chondrites. .


    Type 3: Denotes chondrites that are characterized by abundant chondrules, low degrees of aqueous change and unbalanced mineral deposits. Many of the low-Ca pyroxene grains are monoclinic and show polysynthetic twin. The type 3 chondrites can be divided into subtypes from 3.00 (at least metamorphosed) to 3.9 (almost metamorphosed to type 4 levels). If there is primarily intestinal glass in the chondrules, it belongs to type 3



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