A series of fine art prints of Larsen & Kihle’s famous micrometeorite photos. Size 19.69" x 27.56" (50 x 70 cm), signed by Jon Larsen. Timeless Space art to hang on the wall at an affordable price. Beautiful stardust photos produced exclusively for Treasures From Space! 


The micrometeorites turn into true pieces of art that were not shaped by an artist, but by sheer brute heat, friction, and deceleration in the atmosphere.

Werner Herzog

Fine Art Print MM1 (50x70cm)

SKU: FA004
  • By popular demand we have produced an exclusive series of fine art prints of Jan Braly Kihle & Jon Larsen’s famous micrometeorite photos, the very first hi-res color photos of fresh stardust. These treasures from Space have previously been exhibited (2017) in Manhattan’s fashionable Agora Gallery, when all the photos were sold out. They have been presented in The New York Times, The Economist, National Geographic, Washington Post, 1843 Magazine feature , hundreds of regional newspapers and magazines worldwide and in Jon Larsen’s books about micrometeorites. They are being used on CD and book covers. The legendary Hollywood director Werner Herzog featured these photos in his new documentary film “Fireball”, where he claims that “This is not only a new branch of scientific research, but the imaging of micrometeorites is also a new art form.” Now you can your own stardust photos on the wall.

    Choose between Jon Larsen’s selected photo collages of one, twelve or thirty-five micrometeorites, real jewelries from Space. Eye candy on the wall, colorful, exciting, and mind-boggling. These are the oldest particles in the Universe, nothing has travelled further and they are beautiful!

    If you have questions about the micrometeorites, please do not hesitate to contact the star hunter directly at jonlar@geo.uio.no

    Gift tips: Add $ 99.- and get a real stardust (micrometeorite) from Jon Larsen’s collection, delivered in a practical glass/aluminum slide together with a signed Certificate of Authenticity.