Very unusual and exiting little beauty from our red neighbor Mars.

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This martian meteorite, of the shergotite type, was found in southern Morocco in 2011.

Martian Meteorite, NWA 6963

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  • Mostly of all Martian meteorites can be classified as shergottites. They are named after the Shergotty meteorite, which fell at Sherghati, India in 1865. Shergottites are igneous rocks of mafic to ultramaficlithology. They fall into three main groups, the basaltic, olivine-phyric (such as the Tissint found in Morocco in 2011) and Lherzolitic shergottites, based on their crystal size and mineral content. These two classification systems do not line up with each other, hinting at complex relationships between the various source rocks and magmas from which the shergottites formed.


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