Four selected large micrometeorites (from 0.3 to 0.5 millimetres) from Jon Larsen’s collection, mounted on a signed microslide, marked “Collection 5”. The stones are cryptocrystalline types and in perfect condition, fresh from Space. This is a unique collection, with exceptional documentation (color photos + SEM images of all the stones).  

MM Collection 5 - 2020

  • Four selected, top quality micrometeorites mounted on a signed and sealed microslide, marked “Collection 5”. The stones were purchased directly from Jon Larsen via Treasures From Space. The four stones are in pristine condition, complete and oriented.

    1. [NMM 2811] is a sculptural “giant” (>0.5 millimetres) cryptocrystalline (CC) type micrometeorite with a small nickel bead on one of the “turtleback” crystal domains in the front (see SEM image). The stone was found 2020 1106 on a roof at Drøbak (Biltema), Viken, Norway.

    2. [NMM 2756] is a large (~0.3 millimetres) cryptocrystalline (CC) type with a large nickel-iron metal bead in the front surrounded by a sulfide rim. The stone was found 2020 0915 in a rain gutter at Ullereng, Viken Norway.

    3. [NMM 2785] is a large (~0.3 millimetres) cryptocxrystalline (CC) partly translucenty micrometeorite with a large nickel-iron bead + sulfide rim in the front, found 2020 1019 on a roof at Rosenvilde, Viken, Norway.

    4. [NMM 2770] is a large (~0.3 millimetres) smooth cryptocrystalline (CC) type with two nickel beads, due to spin (perpendicular to the length axis). Around each metal bead the olivine matrix is slightly bleaked due to oxidation. Found 2020 1017 on a roof at Bardermoen (Coop), Viken, Norway.

    All four stones are a part of the collection found during the sixth season of micrometeorite findings/verification in populated areas (2020). The catalogue number refers to the NMM archive (the main index of Norwegian Micro Meteorites, Jon Larsen’s urban Stardust Collection), and the stones were found and curated by Jon Larsen.

    VERIFICATION: The MMs has been confirmed extraterrestrial by SEM/EDS and visual identification by Jon Larsen. The stones are sold with a Certificate of Authenticity, incl. classification, plus a unique portefolio of four digital color photos and five SEM images. Note the image credit for the micrometeorite SEM pictures: ©Jon Larsen (University of Oslo, UiO), and the color photos: © Jan Braly Kihle/Jon Larsen.

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