This beauty will be a treasure in any collection!


Micrometeorite [NMM 1978] is a large (~0.4 mm) cryptocrystalline (CC) type micrometeorite with beautifully oriented form. It is shiny black with a nickel-iron bead in the front (pushed forward by the inertia during the atmospheric deceleration). The front is a perfect “turtleback” but the rare end is aerodynamically elongated. This stone is the jewel in any collection. The stone was found 2019 0424 on the roof of Alf Bjerckes vei 26, Oslo, Norway. The stone is depicted in the Atlas of Micrometeorites page 76.

NMM 1978 - Brobekk

SKU: MM010
  • Top quality micrometeorite mounted on a signed microslide (cardboard/aluminum/glass). The stone is from Jon Larsen’s collection and is in pristine condition (no sign of weathering, low terrestrial age), complete and oriented.


    The stone is a part of the collection found during the fifth season of micrometeorite findings/verification in populated areas (2019). The catalog number refers to the NMM archive (the main index of Norwegian Micro Meteorites, Jon Larsen’s urban Stardust Collection), and the stone was found and curated by Jon Larsen.


    VERIFICATION: The MM has been confirmed extraterrestrial by SEM/EDS analysis and visual identification by Jon Larsen, and is a verified micrometeorite, hereby confirmed in writing. The stone is delivered with a signed Certificate of Authenticity incl. classification, a signed label, plus a portfolio of one digital color photo, and one backscatter SEM image.