Sikhote Alin Shrapnel (4,97g)

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Sikhote Alin Shrapnel 4.97g

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  • In the morning at At 10.30 on 12 February 1947, a very powerful fireball came into eastern parts of Russia. It frightened many people in the area with its flaming tail and violent smoke followed by huge bangs in the atmosphere. This was a large iron meteorite that landed in the Sikhote-Alin mountains in Primorsky Krai, north of Vladivostok. 14 craters were found, the largest with a diameter of 26 meters. It is believed that the total mass was just under 1000 tons when it hit the atmosphere. The largest piece found is 1.7 tons. An artist named Piotr Medvedev who lived near the city of Imam got to see the whole event and painted a beautiful picture that is today on a Russian stamp. This is a very beautiful meteorite with distinct reggae lights and fantastic shapes.