Ten selected micrometeorites (0.1 to 0.3 millimetres) from Jon Larsen’s Urban Stardust Collection, mounted on a signed microslide, marked “Study Collection #1”. The stones are of different types and in perfect condition, fresh from Space. 

Stardust Study Collection #1

  • Ten selected micrometeorites of different types mounted on a signed microslide marked “Study Collection”. A must for any meteorite collection and perfect for educational purposes. It is much easier to find Your own micrometeorites when you know what to look for. The stones were found and curated by Jon Larsen and sold directly from him via Treasures From Space. This relatively large collection is unique – fresh cosmic dust particles from Space.

    VERIFICATION: The MMs have been confirmed extraterrestrial by visual identification by Jon Larsen, University of Oslo, Dept. of Geosciences. The stones are sold with a signed Certificate of Authenticity.